Skirting Tiles

Looking For Easy Washable Tiles?

Overview Of Skirting Tiles

Skirting tiles are those that are set at the intersection of walls and floors and have a height of 3-4 inches. The major aim of skirting is to protect the wall bottom from dirt when washing the floor. The cleaning instrument (mop) can easily accidentally contact the bottom of the wall.
Another purpose for constructing skirting is to highlight the visual distinction between the wall and the floor. Accidental damage to the wall might occur when shifting furniture or positioning furniture near to the wall. It impacts the wall’s visual look. Skirting tiles will offer a minimum gap.

Tiles With Slight Trim

Bathroom Floor Tiles With Skirting

While timber skirting boards may be used in high-humidity environments, tiles are a more practical and cost-effective option. They show to be more cost effective than standard timber skirting without requiring additional upkeep. To create a cohesive design, choose tiles with comparable wood effects or the same tiles trimmed to the correct size for skirting, accented with a slight trim.

Install Skirting Tiles On Uneven Walls

Skirting tiles come in a variety of styles, allowing you to select one that suits your overall interior décor. Whether you like a traditional appearance or a more contemporary design, there is a style exactly right for you.
When studying how to install skirting boards, you may discover that scribing or caulking is necessary on older, bowed walls to get a cleaner look. The installation of tiled skirting is significantly more forgiving than tiled walls because tile adhesive can be built up to compensate for uneven walls, resulting in a smooth, level finish.
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